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If you own a domain at Godaddy, lets say, you can actually set up to 100 email addresses at that domain as free forwards to a real email storage service, such as gmail.

So let’s imagine we are setting up forwarding to


  1. Set up Goddady Email Forwarding: Using Godaddy’s helpful email forwarding page you should be able to create email addresses and MX records in your customer domain. This took about 15-20 minutes to finish setting up completely after the MX records were set.

  2. Enable Google 2 Step Verification: While you are waiting, you will need to turn on 2-step verification on your account.

  3. Teach Gmail How to Receive and Send Custom Email: Thanks to a very helpful blog post with screenshots, you can then

    • set up your gmail account as a place to receive the emails from, and
    • set up your gmail account as a place to respond to using that identity.

Hope this helps.