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nowucca is short for "no worries" in Australian slang. It typifies the sort of self-reliant get-stuff-done mentality that I strive to bring to my software development whenever possible.

I played this game of chess against my friend James. I'm white.

This site captures some professional thoughts and random stuff that happens in my life as a software developer and technologist. it serves as a sort of memory of my working life along with some other thoughts that spring to mind from a technology or sometimes personal perspective.

Recruiters Section


Feel free to download my resume: StevenAtkinsonResume.pdf

Reverse Job Description

Please send me a message on LinkedIn to say hello or connect.

Do you have an early-mid-BCDE-stage company, and need to hire an experienced developer with strong loosely-held opinions with a pragmatic bent? Are you in the education or healthcare industries? Are you looking for someone who can code, lead, mentor? Are you looking to bring in an engineer who thrives on a broad set of responsibilities and inspires others?

Do you trust that I can pick up your technology stack, so even though I have Java/Kotlin/Python/Javascript/C in my past that does not dictate my future?

Please be prepared to provide the following information.

  • Founder background
  • Location of the company post COVID-times, and why they are located there and for how long.
  • The NAME, funding history and stage of company. Save me some Crunchbase time.
  • Why a technical leader would want to join for this role?