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I’ve just used the Evernote extension for Chrome to archive some of the posts I’ve made from my Facebook account. It seemed to work quite well with just a few video links and thumbnails missing from some posts.

I then found out that Facebook can archive your entire account (Settings / Download a Copy of Your Data). So they say it will take a while and that they will email me when it’ done. Seems like somebody has actually tasked engineers with this - it’s a great thing for personal data management.

I’m trying to lay off Facebook/Twitter and go back to being a techno-nerd with a limited online profile for a while. Too many people can link my nowucca users, with my real name and then my Facebook account, for no good reason that I can think of.

So the only option is really to stop using social media and usernames all over multiple services. And stop handing information about myself to third-party companies.

It’s too late to stop the links being formed most likely, due to The Wayback Machine and the Internet Archive. So I’m gaining time to focus on what I want to achieve, gaining a modicum of privacy back, and perhaps might be able to spend more time with real friends.

Let’s see how it goes for a while.