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Is a customer ever going to tell you how to test your software?  No - they just assume you will test it and it will work.

A testing strategy is always worth considering first when building a website.  Especially if you are using a dynamic language as your server-side request handler.  Let's face it - it is not sexy or cool to manually or automatically run a bunch of test cases  against your system.  But considering the question of how to test effectively can tell you a lot about the nature of your system at a macro-level - something good to be conscious of continuously that often is not.  A pedantic regime of regression tests only very rarely assists with showing real surprises; too pedantic and your large test suite is wastefully expensive, but too frivolous and you are going to need a customer support team - if you are lucky and don't crash hard!

Here are some key decision points for developing a testing strategy and choosing the appropriate tools; the decision points really help you make a few tradeoffs from the start.

Testing strategies can help define how business resources are used, the tone of the company and the release cycle for your software.  The consideration of testing processes is a vital tool in the construction of websites (and software) - one which many business owners will implicitly require.